Male and Female Sexual Treatment Center in Mangalore

Manek Dispensary, the best male and female sexual treatment center in Mangalore, is regarded as the leadoff institution in developing and demonstrating the art of sexual healing since 1950.

About Us:

Bearing the stamp of a hereditary tradition in the holistic science of Unani medicine preserved by Dr. H.L. Abdul Bari Manek (1909-1987), we are inventing and reinventing the most modern techniques in sexual treatment backed up by the age-old Unani principles.

Surmounting through decades, the flame of this ancient medical vision is, indeed, held by the Chief Physician Dr. Syed Anwar Pasha Manek and CEO and Consultant Dr. Munawar Pasha Manek, who impart distinguished and most effective treatment techniques, suited for every sexual dysfunction that occurred to mankind.

Moreover, he effectively clubbed Unani with the hermetic Indian system of medicine, the Ayurveda. In effect, this helped to reap the best results in sexual treatment. Apart from medication, Manek Dispensary is the best in the sexual treatment arena, to deliver the right counselling sessions for the sexually distressed. In fact, this capability with newfangled infrastructure and diligent triumph relieved the patients from sexual casualties forever. 

Male and Female Sexual Treatment


Our mission is, indeed, to engrave the footing of the legacy of Manek, an accomplished home of the Unani stream of medicine by providing complete cure and relief to thousands of sexually distressed souls.

Our Key Features

  • Safe Herbal Unani treatment.
  • The ultimate remedy for all sexual problems.
  • Male and Female sexual treatments.
  • ¬†Established In 1950.
  • The best Sexologist of Mangalore.
  • Thousands of happy clients.
  • Sexual Counselling Therapy.
Male and Female Sexual Treatment


Our Vision is to research, update and execute the coherent techniques of sexual healing moulded by the basic tenets of Unani medicine. We foresee a community free from sexual disorders and sexual apprehensions.

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