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Safe Unani Herbal medicines are prescribed for all your sexual disorders by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Mangalore.

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The Best Sexologist Doctor in Mangalore

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Best Sexologist Doctor in Mangalore

Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t be let down with Erectile issues. Instead, enjoy a strong, consistent power-packed erection. Indeed, Manek empowers you with a masculine and vigorous erection backed by our strenuous research in Unani medicine.

Premature Ejaculation

Trust our time-tested treatment for your frustrating Early Ejaculation issues. In fact, Manek treats your ejaculation issues from a different angle, starting with thematic counselling sessions and herbal medical applications.

Excessive Alcohol

Heavy alcohol use can reduce sexual desire, and make it difficult for a man to achieve an erection or reach an orgasm. Manek, certainly, motivates you to refrain from alcoholism and treats back you to your sexual normalcy.

Addiction to Masturbation

Masturbation can affect sensitivity during sex for men because of their technique. In fact, research has shown that grasping the penis too tightly during masturbation can,  reduce sensation. Our holistic counselling and medication can save you.

Loss of Libido (Sex Drive)

Loss of Libido can happen psychologically and physiologically. Firstly, eliminate the psychological reasons with our counselling therapy. Also, multiply your sex hormones with herbal medication and magnify your sexual appetite.

Nocturnal Emission

Nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs while you are sleeping. If it occurs, occasionally, then treatment is not needed. On the contrary, excessive nocturnal emissions require treatment.

Venereal Diseases

Unsafe sexual acts can lead to deadly Sexually transmitted diseases. Please stay away from multiple sex or sex with an unknown partner. Furthermore, call us to know the symptoms and best treatment because we are professionally equipped.

Female Sexual Disorders

Women are prone to many sexual problems. Low libido, venereal diseases(STD), Leukorrhea can be cited as some. We offer customized and efficacious remedies for each and every female sexual problem, whenever. 

Marriage Counselling

Premarital counseling, Postmarital counselling, sexual doubt clearance, and Sexual therapy for males and females are very essential for conjugal life. Henceforth, Manek clears the way for an easy walk over to the bliss full married life.