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Unani System of Treatment

Originated before 7000 years in ancient Greece, the Unani system of medicine is considered an archaic, empirical stream of healing. Aesculapius is hailed as its originator, who, indeed, passed the knowledge to Buqrat, better known as Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC).  In fact, he is regarded as the ‘Father of Unani medicine’. Consequently, the system, which originated in Greece, by the passage of time, traveled through ages, over different cultures and different geographic zones. Manek Dispensary, the Unani Sexual Clinic in Mangalore, is, indeed, an epitome in professing and practicing this cult medical stream. 

Four distinct geographical belts embraced this system.

1. Greek period.
2. Arab-Persian period
3. Spanish period.
4. Indian period.

The Canon of medicine

The hypothetical formulations and findings of this system, in general, proposed by Hippocrates and Galen are embedded in the work, The Canon of Medicine, an 11th-century classical work by Ibn-e-Sina.

The advent of Unani to the Arabian peninsula, subsequently, changed its fortune for the better, attaining its present shape and stature. Also, the divine healing of cupping therapy heralded by Islam again changed the zodiac signs of Unani.

Unani in India

However, on its arrival in India, Unani, notably, enjoyed the patronage from the early Delhi Sultanate and took a different turn of glory in the Mughal period. Moreover, in India, Unani had undergone drastic change by the irrepressible influence of the Indian classical system of medicine, the Ayurveda.

Indeed, the basic tenet of Ayurveda, which is that the human body is a combination of Pancha bhuthas, had a marked similarity with Unani, which also considers the human body as a  composition of four elements (earth, air water, and fire). 

Unani System of Medicines

In general, the Unani system is based on four humor theory of -blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. Following are the seven components that make the human body.

  • Arkan (Elements)
  • Mizaj (Temperament)
  • Akhlat (Humors)
  • Aaza (Organs)
  • Arwah (Spirits)
  • Quwa (Faculties)
  • Finally, Afaal (Functions)
Unani Sexual Clinic in Mangalore
Diagnosis in Unani System

Unani diagnoses a body, particularly, as healthy, when all the humours are in equilibrium. On the contrary, if one humor is in an imbalanced mode, the body loses its health.

Firstly, the Unani physician envisages a one-to-one interaction with the patient for a detailed investigation.
Secondly, a pathological investigation is initiated.

Finally, based on these, physicians prescribe accurate treatment and medication.

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Presently, Unani has attained a gigantic status, because of its unfailing treatment techniques in sexual and infertility disorders. In fact, no stream of medicine can match Unani in this specific arena.

Since the government of India has acknowledged Unani as one of the principal systems of medicine in India, they formed a special ministry for the development and propagation of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeo systems of medicine in the name, AYUSH Ministry.

 Moreover, world-class institutes like the National Institute of Unani Medicine had been set up to imbibe advanced learning in the Unani stream of medicine. In addition, there are over 40 undergraduate and postgraduate colleges, teaching Unani medicine in India. Furthermore, WHO also recognized Unani as easily available, cheap, and remedially effective.

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